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Protests in France: Charles III. He does not travel to Paris – Macron fears the “Marie Antoinette moment”

protests in France

Fear of the guillotine – why Macron Charles III. You don’t want to go to Paris

The planned three-day state visit of Charles III. To Paris is canceled for the time being. The reason for this is the announcement of more protests against pension reform. The French have a special relationship with royalty.


Three-day state visit by King Charles III. In France on March 24, 2023 at the present time. The reason for this is the announcement of a new day of protest and strike against reforming the pension system.

France Press agency

  • King Charles III’s visit to France was postponed due to protests over pensions.

  • A state banquet was planned at Versailles as part of the visit.

  • Macron’s advisers feared that this would be too much of a reminder of the consequences of the French Revolution.

Paris was to be Charles III’s first foreign post. become king. But nothing will come of it. The risk is greater than that Violent protests in France overshadowed the visit. While French President Emmanuel Macron justified the cancellation of the visit next week with “common sense”, the president’s advisers fear that there will be a “Marie Antoinette moment” – because part of the program will include a state banquet that must present all the pomp in Versailles.

“Postponement of Charles’ visit is an insult to President Macron. With the country descending into chaos, it was impossible to ensure the safety of the royal entourage and maintain a tight, dependable timetable.” Threats to block the visit were all very real, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told the Daily Mail. to the symbolism of Versailles, where a state banquet was to take place.

Monarch der Republik receives a king

Macron’s pension reform is one of his main projects. The quarrel over this matter now greatly weakened his government, and it probably did not wish to arouse further wrath with a state banquet at Versailles. Unions have already called for new nationwide strikes and protests for next Tuesday.

The fear for Charles and Camilla’s safety isn’t entirely incomprehensible. Even politicians criticized the visit: “The King of the Republic” greeted the king while people were demonstrating in the street, and MP Sandrine Rousseau of the Green Party criticized it. François Ruffin of France’s left-wing La France Insoumise party criticized the fact that Macron could call Malak to discuss a visit but not the unions to delay his pension reform.

On March 23, 2023, during a demonstration against pension reform, a fire started in the entrance area of ​​the town hall in Bordeaux, southern France.

20 minutes

The situation in France has become increasingly critical in recent days. According to the authorities, nearly 1.09 million people demonstrated across the country on Thursday. The CGT Consortium spoke about 3.5 million participants. During the sometimes violent protests 457 people were arrested across the countryFrench Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told CNews Friday morning. About 440 policemen and gendarmes were injured the day before and during the night.

The protests are directed against the interim law that has since been passed Raising the retirement age From 62 to 64 years old and the work of the centrist government under President Macron.

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