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Protests in France after the presidential elections

Protests in France after the presidential elections

France witnessed protests and riots in several cities after the results of the presidential elections on Sunday evening.

The basics in brief

  • Riots erupted in several French cities after the presidential elections.
  • Clashes took place in Lyon between different groups and the police.
  • A protest march in Paris turned into a street battle.

Tear gas, firecrackers and flammable barriers: After Emmanuel Macron wins the elections Riots erupted in several French cities on Sunday evening. Videos and photos show the scale of street battles.

In Lyon, for example, clashes erupted between left-wing groups, “yellow vest” protesters and the police, BFMTV reported. First, the protesters shot the municipal police with firecrackers, as evidenced by the video images. Later, the National Police intervened to stop the riots.

Also in Paris, protesters gathered in several places in the evening, and none of them won Emmanuel Macron Nor its inferior competitor Marine Le Pen It is considered a reasonable option, as reported by “Le Parisien”. According to a journalist, the police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrations.

However, at around 11 pm, another protest march was organized in which thousands of participants took place in Republic Square. As evidenced by many videos on social media, there were also brutal clashes with the police. Tear gas was used again.

In Rennes, western France, Where there were already riots by left-wing groups and protests against the far-right after the first round of elections, the province banned one proof Sunday evening. The recurrence of property damage and assault on the police must be prevented.

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