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Protests in Cuba - More US sanctions for "grave human rights violations" - News

Protests in Cuba – More US sanctions for “grave human rights violations” – News

  • The US government imposed sanctions on the Cuban police for their suppression of recent mass protests.
  • On Friday, the finance ministry said police chief Oscar Callejas Valcarcel and his deputy would also be subject to sanctions.
  • She added that the police “suppressed the peaceful protests and attacked the demonstrators.”

The Ministry of Finance will continue to punish those who support “gross violations of human rights” by the “Cuban regime”. Last week, the US government had already imposed sanctions on the current Minister of the Armed Forces and the administration of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior responsible for suppressing the protests.

Tangible effects are not clear

The tangible effects of the new sanctions were not immediately clear. As a result of the sanctions, any property owned by the police and the two victims will be banned in the United States. US citizens are no longer allowed to deal with them. In addition, US sanctions are likely to make other international business more difficult because many banks fear being sued for sanctions violations.

In addition, Biden wants to study how money can be transferred from American citizens to Cubans without the Cuban government benefiting from it. The US president said the US Treasury and State Department should submit a similar report within a month. However, Biden said at a meeting with representatives of the Cuban-American community at the White House that he did not expect a similar change.

Against oppression and the economy of shortage

On July 11th, thousands of Cubans spontaneously took to the streets in many cities for freedom, against injustice, and against the economy of scarcity. There have been no such protests in the Caribbean nation for decades. The Cuban economy is suffering severely from the decline in tourism due to the pandemic as well as from US sanctions. Among other things, there is a shortage of food and medicine.