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Project M: NCSOFT releases a new trailer for GDC 2023

Project M: NCSOFT releases a new trailer for GDC 2023

NCSOFT releases a new trailer today m project, which is currently under development. Showcasing the capabilities of NCSOFT’s new AI and animation technology, the new trailer was revealed during Epic Games’ State of Unreal session at the 2023 Game Developers Conference.

m project is one of NCSOFT’s latest projects – an action-adventure title with immersive interactive elements in development for consoles. world m project It consists of particles of information, and players can simulate time and space. The gameplay is designed to expand and change the story with information that becomes available as the game progresses.

The new trailer features a digital version of NCSOFT’s Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Taekjin Kim, guiding the audience through the gameplay and world of m project Lead. This digital human was developed using NCSOFT’s proprietary AI-based speech synthesis and facial animation technology.

The digital human-speaking voice in the trailer was created using the company’s AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesis technology. It is used to translate textual information into natural human language that reflects a specific person’s voice, tone, and emotions.

Digital human facial expressions and lip-synching were created using voice-to-face technology. This is an AI-based facial animation technology that automatically creates facial animations that match the selected text or voice. In combination with the company’s visual technologies, AI technology ensures a realistic facial appearance.

Songyee Yoon, CSO at NCSOFT, explained: Project m It is our latest innovation that takes the power of advanced artificial intelligence and graphics technologies to unprecedented levels.” m project Achieved through the seamless integration of our core AI technology, resulting in stunning detail. “

We are excited to see how you are using NCSOFT Unreal Engine 5 for m project Tim Sweeney, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Epic Games said:

m project It runs on Unreal Engine 5, and is dedicated to integrating photorealistic graphics based on advanced technology in 3D scanning, motion capture, and VFX (visual effects). The game is still in an early stage of development. More details, including the game’s release date, will be announced at a later date.