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Program and highlights

Program and highlights

March 26, 2024, 7:40 p.mMarch 26, 2024 at 8:39 pm

20 years after the first season of Music Star, the popular show returns to Swiss television screens. This Saturday, March 30, 2024, Previous participants will compete against each other again on stage.

The SRF program “MusicStar – The Revival Show” is accompanied by a panel of judges who have been present before: Arabella Kiesbauer, Chris von Rohr, Detlef D! Calm down.

Music star! Add your two cents!

To be honest: we're really looking forward to this Saturday evening box. Almost like before!

Unlike before, Watson is putting on a full show this year. If you also want to add your cent, be sure to join us on Saturday!

the program

The songs that the eight participants will perform are already known:

  • Carmen Fink – “Booth” (By Polo Hofer)
  • Salome Clausen – “I love rock and roll” (Written by Joan Jett)
  • Fabian Lovis – “The Best” (Written by Tina Turner)
  • Katarina Michel – “Mercy” (by daffy)
  • Patchi – “Balmos” (By Ochsner patent)
  • Danielle Candlebauer – “Proud Mary” (Written by Tina Turner)
  • Burnie Hoehn – “Because of You” (Written by Kelly Clarkson)
  • Leo Ritzman – “Yesterday” (German version – by The Beatles)

You can get the mood here:

However, the show aims not only to pick a new winner, but also to allow viewers at home to reminisce by celebrating the highlights of the four seasons of “MusicStar.”

Profits will be donated

Participants decide themselves who will win, and vote for the person whose performance they liked most. The winnings of 10,000 francs will then be donated to a charitable organization that the best person can choose.

More highlights

Viewers can also look forward to the TV premiere of Nemo's song “The Code” at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. And that Bachi also visited former “MusicStar” nominees who are no longer in the spotlight today.

“MusicStar – The Revival Show” will be broadcast on March 30 at 8:10 PM on SRF 1.


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