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Professional sports dream attracts soccer player to the United States

Professional sports dream attracts soccer player to the United States

Soccer player Lena Muller goes to the United States to become a professional athlete. The 29-year-old doesn’t let setbacks frustrate her.

She takes a deep breath, gathers her focus and then places the barbell on her shoulders. The bar does bend a little bit already, so a lot of the weight is hanging on both sides. But it’s true Lina Muller Don’t stop – there is little that can stop them. With strong movements, she bends her knees first and then returns. The 29-year-old works hard. With her strength training, running units, individual training, and team training, the soccer player has eight units a week — and she’s done so for two years. Everything comes a little closer to your big dream. Now it looks like it’s finally becoming a reality. Müller was the first German player to sign a contract with Seattle Majestics.

In February, she will get on a plane to play a season in which football is the number one national sport: the United States. But in fact, he was 29 years old Offense-Linerin (OL) She has already signed a contract with South Carolina Dames. However, the start date has been repeatedly postponed. The former Hagen Mustangs coach recalls: “I was totally in trouble” – then made a decision: “I sent my training videos to other teams and asked if they needed an O-Liner.”

She doesn’t mind the cold

Ended up staying San Diego, Seattle, and Las Vegas in the race. “I tend to be the cooler type and also prefer vacationing in Sweden and Norway. The fact that it will be colder in Seattle is not a problem for me, quite the contrary.” And so in the end I decided to choose the team that competes in the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC). through their coach Christian Mohrwho played professionally for the Seattle Seahawks in 2005, once again had a special interest in the largest city in the state of Washington.

Final confirmation only at the beginning of January

The final confirmation only came in the first week of January, and since then planning has been in full swing and the excitement keeps growing. “I can’t quite believe it yet, it all happened so fast,” says Witteraneren, born, still happy with the admission, but now I have to deal with the bureaucracy: “I applied for the visa urgently application, so that still It works in time.” But she won’t know if it will be approved until Thursday, when she speaks to the consulate in Berlin. “I’m just optimistic, the coaches have encouraged me that it will work.”

If nothing goes wrong, Lena Muller can train with her new team from mid-February before the season begins in early April. “It feels right. Looking forward to the adventure, everything is very professional in Seattle, which gives me a good feeling,” says Muller, looking forward to the adventure. Unlike in South Carolina, you won’t be part of an internationally mixed team – on the contrary. Their Majesties with only one foreign player each season, this year’s Lena Muller. A fact that makes them especially proud.

First time away from home alone

But it would also be the first time the 29-year-old has been away from home alone. tough move. “I am very rooted and will miss my family very much. But I am currently trying to push that away from myself.”

Because at the moment there is great anticipation. It wasn’t until 2017 when Lena Muller became aware of Hagen football through a report in Westfalenpost that Sauerland Mustangs were then looking for reinforcements for their women’s team. It was the beginning of passion. A few years later, Lena Muller was in charge of the Hagen Ladies as coach and played for them at the same time the killers (Guild play from Wuppertal and Solingen). Her team will miss her too, “but they already said they would watch my matches together,” says the 29-year-old, happy with the support.

In the United States, she sees the opportunity to “take her skills to a whole new level: I want to develop my sport even more.” For in Germany the weatherman, who was born, slowly but surely came to the point: “I”m so strong and so good in my position that I no longer have any opponents in Germany. So that’s the next step now.”

Broken fingers are not an obstacle

And in the United States, football lives very differently from Germany, and Muller is also familiar with this: “They all grew up with the sport there.” The number of spectators is also significantly higher, including for women’s matches. But that doesn’t scare the O-Liner: “You can’t take me off the field so quickly. I also played with broken fingers and a broken hand.”

Because she exercises her body and soul. Also because she knows how much work, time, and training you’ve put in in the past two years. All this can finally pay off. And perhaps a second highlight this year: “There are rumors that a women’s national team will be established. Of course, I would like to be there,” Lena Muller is already looking forward to the next spotlight. First of all, you are going to Seattle – a dream come true.

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