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Priti Patel seeks help in the fight against immigration

V.No confirmation was received from his home, but, according to the Times, the British Home Secretary Prithi Patel He went to the EU to campaign for support in the fight against smugglers and illegal crossing of the English Channel. Rome and Brussels are in the project, which is said to be in Berlin, where, due to government handover, it is not yet clear who to meet. He is also said to be considering convening a special summit of G7 interior ministers, at first glance it is unclear how Japan, the US or Canada could help the English channel. The Times reports that an Interior Ministry employee described the minister as a “headless chicken” on the way to “anyone who wants to talk to him on the plane.”

Patel’s restlessness following a French call from the European Council of Interior Ministers on the matter. Meanwhile, Paris agreed to the talks, but not on the basis of British proposals. These include the use of surveillance equipment such as joint patrols and drones on the Channel Beach and – which has angered Paris the most – negotiating a resettlement agreement for immigrants.

While it is not clear exactly what Patel wants to achieve on the continent, new plans to reduce dangerous canal crossings are airing almost daily in London. This reflects the growing impatience with the government. According to a poll, only seven per cent of people in the UK are happy with their policy on the issue. Patel’s personal reputation has plummeted. She recalls everywhere that border control was declared in favor of Brexit. But since leaving the EU in January, more than 25,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel – three times more than last year. According to Patel, “70 percent of economic immigrants are men.”

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The Home Office has been exploring an “Australian” solution for months, namely transferring (often failed) asylum practices to another country. But so far the government has not been able to come up with a plan. This also applies to Patel’s announcement that expatriate boats would be “safely and legally” diverted and pushed back into French waters. The “pushback” initiative failed to achieve the intended preventive effect because in practice it turned out to be very dangerous and in violation of international law. Moreover, human rights organizations are being prosecuted and threatened.