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PrintNightmare: Target Business Required

The PrintNightmare vulnerability allows attackers under certain circumstances to execute malicious code

[, 12.07.2021] “As reported by many news portals, Microsoft’s print spooler service is vulnerable to a serious vulnerability (CVE-2021-34527)”Stephen Molls, “RVP, Risk & Security” at Tanium, mentioned in his current statement. This vulnerability enables attackers under certain circumstances to execute malicious code with system rights and thus To put the system at risk. Molls erläutert: “In order to successfully exploit the vulnerability, the attacker must have at least user/authentication rights.” Unfortunately, there is now at least one known case in which this vulnerability was effectively exploited – which turned out to be in the media: This case concerns the District Administration in the county of Anhalt-Butterfeld in Saxony-Anhalt, where this vulnerability was used to distribute ransomware. This malware eventually led to a complete IT failure.”

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Stephen Molls: Companies should know which services are currently running and be able to stop them immediately!

The PrintNightmare icon got online by mistake

The exploit code for this vulnerability is “Accidentally” got on the internet, “When Sangfor’s Security Researchers Prepare for Black Hat 2021”. Attacker development efforts were minimal and attacks could be carried out Implemented with tools already available has become.
Microsoft has an official on July 7, 2021 emergency correction published for this exploit, “Which, as it turned out shortly thereafter, does not yet provide adequate protection against an attack in some configurations”.

PrintNightmare Exploit Protection: Deactivate the Print Spooler

So some companies still have another option Instead of helping yourself with ‘workarounds’, for example by deactivating the print spooler service. In view of its functionality, however, this is the problem of such a service Essential for all printing operations is being:
“It is not only necessary for the smooth operation of physical printers, but also for PDF documents, XPS and OneNote.” For server operating systems such as “Microsoft Server 2016”, there are no patches, they must be present Just follow the next few days.

PrintNightmare warns companies not to roll out and install necessary patches

It is especially important now for companies to have an overview of their endpoints, i.e. their patch cases, and be able to do so on the spot. “Put up and install the necessary patches”. An endpoint management solution can help with such updates Fast and resource-saving to circulate.
In addition, it can isolate unpatched endpoints so that if they are compromised No horizontal movements are possible in the company network شبكة is being. “If a patch is currently not an alternative, it is critical that companies know what services are currently running and be able to stop them immediately.”, betont Molls.

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