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Princess Kate's uncle says: 'She's getting the best treatment in the world'

Princess Kate's uncle says: 'She's getting the best treatment in the world'

Princess Kate's uncle commented on her health. Gary Goldsmith is a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in England.

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Princess Kate's uncle participates in “Celebrity Big Brother” in England. Gary Goldsmith also spoke about his famous niece's health.

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  • Kate's uncle takes part in Celebrity Big Brother.
  • He actually shot Prince Harry there.
  • On television, he spoke – with reservations – about his famous niece, Princess Kate.

Princess Kate's uncle spoke cautiously about his niece's health on the British TV show Celebrity Big Brother.

One of the dialogue partners on the program broadcast on Wednesday evening asked him: “Where is Kate?” Gary Goldsmith then replied that he could not say anything for reasons of etiquette.

But he confirmed that he had spoken to her mother and sister: “She is receiving the best treatment in the world.”

Uncle Gary on Kate: “She's great. She'll come back, of course she will.”

Kate came to the hospital in mid-January for a planned surgery. Daughter-in-law of King Charles III. The wife of the heir to the throne, Prince William, underwent abdominal surgery. She is now recovering at home.

The palace announced that she would not attend any appointments until after Easter. Despite the announcement and the urgent request to protect the privacy of the mother of three children, the number of rumors and conspiracy theories has recently increased.

When one of Goldsmith's interviewees confirmed on the show that she wanted Kate back, he said: “She's great. She'll be back, of course she will be back.”

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