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Princess Kate in hospital: “William is doing everything he can for his children”

Princess Kate in hospital: “William is doing everything he can for his children”

William regularly drives his children to school and picks them up again. The prince is “very involved” and wants to maintain normalcy until Kate returns.

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Prince William currently has to take care of his children alone. And since Kate is in the hospital for two weeks, he's doing his best as a father – and not missing any appointments.

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  • Prince William, 41, is doing his best for George, Charlotte and Louis.
  • The heir to the British throne is taking over from Kate and appears to be “peace itself”, an insider told the Daily Mail.
  • Kate will be out of action for up to three months due to the surgery she underwent.

Prince William is “not worried” about caring for his children George, Charlotte and Louis alone while his wife Kate is in hospital.

The 41-year-old is “very involved” as a father and regularly drives his offspring to and from school, according to an insider. “daily Mail”.

Princess Catherine, 41, had to undergo a planned operation last week which will keep her out of action for up to three months. She has to stay at the London Clinic for two weeks and cannot see her children in person during this period. But at least she talks to them regularly on the phone.

William is very confident

Other parents at Lambrook School said they were concerned about Kate's health, but they had complete confidence in William. The source continued: “He is always there, picking her up from the school gate, participating in events. He seems calm and will do everything he can for his children as long as Kate “You can't.”

William is very confident when it comes to raising his children. Other parents also help him wherever they can.

In solidarity with his wife, William has also canceled all appointments until Easter, as the Princess of Wales will not be able to carry out her duties until then.

Kate is supported by her family

The heir to the British throne wants to use his efforts to ensure that his children continue to live as normal a life as possible. He has the support of the nanny and Kate's parents, who regularly visit their daughter and grandchildren.

Once Kate returns home, her siblings Pippa and James Middleton will also be helping her out. You don't live far from Windsor Castle.

It is not yet known why Kate underwent surgery. However, Kensington Palace confirmed that it is not cancer.

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