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Princess Kate: 'Afraid' of Meghan

Princess Kate: ‘Afraid’ of Meghan

The truth about the Windsor gig

At first it seemed as if the Queen’s grief had brought the quarreling brothers and their wives closer together again. For the first time in years, William, Kate, Harry and Meghan appeared together looking at floral arrangements in front of Windsor Castle that mourners had left there. Many saw it The beginning of the great reconciliation Royal fans have been waiting for years. But journalist Neal Schoon believes that was not the case. exactly the contrary:

Your presence [Kate] She was really scared and wanted Megan to stay away from her.

Rumors about it Don’t trust Kate Megan too much There must, always. The reason: The Sussexes have proven in the past that they have no problem passing the content of secret conversations to the media – either themselves or through people close to them.

So Neil Shawn thinks that Kate’I’m afraid that anything that is discussed can be discussed, even an informal conversation, can become public.“For a princess that usually only She rarely reveals the details of her private and family lifeIt might be utter horror.

Neil Sean points out that on the side of the Sussex family, such as the character of Gayle King, who is close to Megan Information about Harry and Meghan’s stay in the UK was leaked to the press shortly after the couple returned. He says the king canHe had a long talk with an American team about the fact that some things didn’t go well.“If this is true and King had information from Meghan and Harry beforehand, this should confirm Kate’s worst fears.