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Princess Charlene of Monaco worked under general anesthesia

Princess Charlene of Monaco worked under general anesthesia

Updated 08/14/2021, 11:52 AM

  • Princess Charlene of Monaco underwent a successful operation under general anaesthesia.
  • The princess is currently stuck in South Africa due to an ear, nose and throat infection.
  • Prince Albert and the children will be visiting her, according to the Prince’s House.

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After an ear, nose and throat infection South Africa stationary princess Charlene von Monaco It was turned on. Her husband, Prince Albert II, said, according to a press release, that the intervention went well on Friday. “Princess Charlene is recovering and we think about her affectionately.”

Princely’s house had previously announced that the operation would take four hours and would be performed under general anaesthesia. Prince Albert Second, the twins Gabriella and Jack will come to her during the recovery period.

At the beginning of the year, Charlene traveled to the country at the southern tip of Africa to support the fight against rhino poaching. What at first seemed like a visit to her homeland, away from Monaco, turned out to be more and more like months of permanent residence.

The first intervention delayed the flight back to Monaco – persistent rumors of separation

Charlene recently reported to South African radio station 702 that oral surgery performed prior to her flight had delayed her return. Inflammation is likely to prolong their survival even further, as they cannot compensate for pressure in the ears when flying at high altitudes. She indicated the end of October as the return date. The Amiriya home did not specify the reason for Friday’s operation.

The princess’s long stay in South Africa has sparked speculation on social media about the couple’s possible separation and the possibility of the princess returning to her old home. On the other hand, Charlene, 43, has repeatedly protested in interviews about how much she misses her husband and, above all, the children with whom she spoke on video every day.

I met Charlene Albert, 20, at a swimming competition in 2000, having previously played for the South African national team at the 2000 Olympics.
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On July 1, the Prince of Monaco and the Princess of Monaco celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. But Charlene has been staying in her native South Africa for months, while Prince Albert and his children hold the post in Monaco.