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Princess Charlene of Monaco posts a sad video

Princess Charlene of Monaco posts a sad video

Yesterday an important charity event was held in Monaco. Princess Charlene missed him due to illness.

The basics in brief

  • Charlene von Monaco posted a video on Instagram on the occasion of an event in the Principality.
  • The princess is stuck in South Africa due to an infection.

hard times for Princess Charlene of Monaco (43)! While the former athlete is stuck in South Africa with an ear, nose and throat infection, life in Monaco continues as usual.

Yesterday I showed “Monte Carlo”. expensive Fort Ocean World ”- without the wife of Prince Albert (63).

This event is considered one of the most prominent events in the emirate and brings every year Hollywood-Sizes like Sharon Stone (63) to Monaco. That gave a good number yesterday alongside Albert.

Charlene missed an important party

because of her bad health The princess has to dispense with the charity event this year. Bitter: Instead of greeting the guests herself, she wishes them “good luck and a magical moment” from faraway Africa.

To the Instagram-Video that beautiful blonde I am Water Appearing, she writes: «As I was born from the ocean, so the ocean was born from me. I offer you a piece of both.”

Protecting the oceans is a matter close to South Africa’s native heart. The fact that she couldn’t be there this year obviously broke her heart.

Under the mail, fans shower the princess with good wishes. “Fantastic as always. Take care of yourself and get better,” writes of one user.

Do you think Princess Charlene is really sick?

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