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Prince William 'would be stupid' not to suspect Harry

Prince William ‘would be stupid’ not to suspect Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry will meet on June 2. But William is worried that Harry will leak everything he says to Netflix.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry travels to London with his family.
  • Everyone will be there for the Queen’s 70th Anniversary.
  • Also a team from Netflix.

By June 2 at the latest: Prince William (39) and Prince Harry (37) will meet again.

What is the reason for that? the seventieth anniversary of the throne of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth second (96).

But as the English Sun wrote, one of the brothers has a really bad feeling about it. Prince William is said to be very concerned that the content of his conversation with Harry could become public.

unjustified? Not the worries of Williams. Because Harry travels with both of them Meghan Markle (40) Likewise with children archery (3) Lilibet (11 months). and with one Netflix-Team records this trip.

Royal biographer Tom Power was quoted as saying: “William wants to speak to Harry in an effort to bridge the gap between them.” “But he did afraidThis content is finding its way to it NetflixOprah, or in Harry’s next book.”

Are Prince William’s concerns about Harry’s gossip justified?

“William is concerned that Harry and Meghan are making a bid to highlight them. It would be foolish not to suspect Kate and William. And it would be unwise not to be careful.”

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