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Prince William was furious in the Caribbean!

Prince William was furious in the Caribbean!

Prince William and Duchess Kate recently traveled to the Caribbean. However, not everything went according to plan.

The basics in brief

  • Prince William and Duchess Kate toured the Caribbean.
  • There they were not received kindly because of the colonial past.
  • Now it is said that William went crazy behind the scenes.

Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40) made a good face against bad game on their trip to the Caribbean. The the Royal family It was broadcast while the residents of the former colonies demonstrated against them. Jamaica even announced during its visit that it intended to withdraw from the Commonwealth.

But now Charlotte Griffiths, editor-in-chief of Mail on Sunday, is highlighting: William’s smile was only fake!

She reveals: “William went behind the scenes. He’s in a good mood and there are some real setbacks here.”

Prince William and Kate criticized for the pictures

Reason for frustration: Photos of the trip were said to convey little sympathy for the descendants of former slaves. In Jamaica, children shook hands. But they were separated by a fence. Experts say this made Prince William and Kate look distant and majestic.

The Griffiths know that William and Kate really wanted to avoid such scenes and now they regret it. “You work your heart out. Then there are those blunders that come out of nowhere.”

Do you understand the colonial criticism of William and Kate?

Royal author Tom Power (75) takes the showthe Royal family On the other hand, in the protection is blamed on the officials who organized the trip. “They were incompetent, uneducated and lazy,” he said.

“They completely failed to foresee the problems that William and Kate would face.” They would have embarrassed Cambridge unnecessarily.

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