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Prince William surprises with emotional statement about “quiet suffering”.

Prince William (40) is currently going through a tough time. Her brother Prince Harry’s (38) biography has made headlines around the world. A reconciliation between brothers seems more and more unattainable every day. But the prince seemed to put his personal problems aside for now, picking up the phone and ringing the bell. to Australia By. Because the flooding disasters that repeatedly hit the fifth continent did not let the husband of Duchess Kate (41) go. In a 14-minute video call from Kensington Palace, William pledged to support Australian companies and families he feels particularly passionate about.

Prince William offers reassurance to victims on a trip to Australia

Given the series of weather disasters, the British heir to the throne wants to show his support more clearly and visit the continent. He was last in Australia in 2014 with his wife Duchess Kate, 41.

She reassured those affected by the flood in a call from ‘Sheparton’ business owners Daniel Cleeve and Curtis Arthur in Victoria – NSW emergency services member Grace Langlands, South Australian Brad Flowers, innkeeper Brad Flowers and Maureen Carter. , Executive Director of the Nindlingari Cultural Health Service in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

Prince William with an emotional plea

During the conversation, Prince William patiently listened to the various impacts that the floods had on those involved – not just possessions, but also the mental health of the victims. Prince’s message to “Aussies”: “You have people like you who look out for each other and support each other. Make sure you look out for yourself and those in your community who need it most – because some are suffering in silence.

Does his own mentality emerge here? A reference to the fight with brother Harry? The heir to the throne has yet to publicly respond to Harry’s statements in “Spare” and the allegations against him. Does this take away from him rather than showing it on the outside? His words about suffering and unity may indicate that.

Prince William continued emotionally in the conversation: “I want to make sure that you take care of yourselves and each other – that is very important,” the Prince of Wales said privately. For Australians, it seems, one volunteer says: “We’re made of tough stuff, we’re Australians – we’ll get through this together.”

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Charles III traveled in the Royal Train for the first time in his role as King. target travel were English The cities of Manchester and Bolton.

Ahead of Charles’ coronation on May 6, the palace is keen to clear out old baggage to ensure things run smoothly and avoid bad news. A relative close to the brothers now wants to confirm that William and Harry are getting along.

After the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, it seems there are no winners. That was suggested by a poll which found both Harry’s popularity and that of brother William and wife Kate had fallen.