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Prince William prevents Megan from returning to England!

Prince William prevents Megan from returning to England!

Prince William appears to have no interest in reconciling with Harry and Meghan. It intersects with their baptismal plans.

The basics in brief

  • Harry and Meghan want to baptize their daughter Lily at Windsor Castle.
  • From this point on, Prince William was no longer “enjoyed”.

Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40) They are already tired of being royal. subordinate Stress Of the duties and media attention he gave the couple sleepless nights.

But it is clear that the two of them still longed for some of the comforts of the palace. That’s why they want their daughter, Lilipet Diana (four months) in front of our eyes Queen (95) He was baptized at Windsor Castle. This is despite abandoned family feuds.

Understandably, the Sussexes were not only met with enthusiasm with these plans. And one, apparently, a cross in particular: Harry’s brother Prince William (39).

According to “Express”, he “stopped” the plans of the duke’s couple. “He’s not interested in reconciling with his younger brother. It was Prince William who said, ‘No, we don’t think that would work, that’s a bad idea,'” the expert knows.

whether Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Still able to impose what is written in the stars.

Where should Lilibet be based?

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