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Prince William mocks Prince Harry during his Caribbean trip

Prince William mocks Prince Harry during his Caribbean trip

These two need more than just makeup tea. During his Caribbean trip, William couldn’t help but comment on Prince Harry.

The basics in brief

  • Prince William has just fascinated the Caribbean.
  • But he couldn’t help but make a bold statement to Prince Harry.

It’s better to gossip when your brother is on another continent…

Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40) are delighted with their royal trip to the Caribbean. But now William couldn’t resist giving his brother Prince Harry, 37, a chance.

Cynthia Ellis-Topsey (Garifuna Nation Ambassador) revealed the following. “I told William that when Harry came to Belize, he danced and didn’t need encouragement. It’s a hiccup.”

“William laughed and said Harry wasn’t embarrassed,” Ellis Topsey continued, telling People.

Prince William Prince Harry has had no real contact since Harry immigrated to the United States. The brothers saw each other exactly twice in 2020.

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