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Prince William exposed as a climate hypocrite!

Prince William exposed as a climate hypocrite!

The climate hypocrisy gene seems to run in the family. After Prince Harry, Prince William continues to happily fly around the world.

The basics in brief

  • Harry and Meghan have made a name for themselves as climate hypocrites.
  • But William and Kate are by no means close to Sussex.
  • Cambridge take their vacation by plane.

Prince William, 39, loves to present himself as a great climate fighter. In the past, he has complained of insufficient commitment to climate protection. This, he said, “keeps him awake at night”.

Being the father Prinz Charles (72) He recently praised William: “I am very proud of my son William for his growing commitment to environment. »

But how is it called: Water Preach, drink wine. The king and his family boarded a plane for fall break on Saturday. paparazziPictures show Prince William, Duchess Kate (39) and children in airport London-Heathrow at VIP-Lounge Abbey.

Whether it was his hated brother Prince Harry (37) Does the climate want to surpass the rank of the hypocrite?

Redhead and his wife Meghan Markle (40) jets regularly around the world in private jets. They also love to do the environment.

Who is the biggest climate hypocrite?

After all: Cambridge is reasonably modest. Children carry backpacks and their parents are also loaded with luggage. Servants? Nothing, only security guards and a nanny were on board.

The British Daily Mail believes that Prince William and his family have traveled to Greece. There Princess Diana (36) married Prince Philippos (35) of Zug on Saturday, Nina Flor (34) of Zug.

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