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Prince William defends Harry even after the Netflix scandal

Prince William defends Harry even after the Netflix scandal

Prince William is ‘sad and angry’ over Prince Harry and his scandalous documentary. According to informed sources, the heir to the throne is still protecting his brother.


The basics in brief

  • The Netflix documentary damages the Prince’s bad relationship.
  • According to an insider, William is “sad and angry” at Harry’s remarks.
  • Despite this, the Prince of Wales is said to continue to protect the Duke of Sussex.

The relationship between Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (38) He was under a bad star for a long time. At most since Megsit, Harry’s move to the States and the scandalous interview with Oprah, the brothers haven’t spoken to each other.

The Netflix documentary is supposed to have gone over the camel’s back. in the smallest trailers Harry catches it Big Brother straight again. He claims they “told lies” to protect Prince William.

Have you seen the first part of the Harry & Meghan Netflix documentary?

It’s unclear who Harry was referring to as “they” and what he accused these people of “lying” about. But the statement drew a lot of criticism from experts. dead Mother for both, Princess Diana (36), She said that “his betrayal will horrify”.

According to insiders, Prince William felt it, too “anger and sadness” about his younger brother’s behavior lately. The following statement from experts is even more surprising: the Prince of Wales continues to protect the Duke of Sussex!

As insiders told The Telegraph, William won’t let anything bad be said about him Prince Harry He speaks. A source said, “The collaboration will not come back to existence again. But can they be brothers again? You have to hope.”

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