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Prince William and Kate broke protocol in the emergence of Bond!

Prince William and Kate broke protocol in the emergence of Bond!

After the first cheers, there are now heavy criticisms. It looks like Prince William and Duchess Kate have made a mistake.

The basics in brief

  • William and Kate attended the “No Time to Die” premiere.
  • With her dress she was striking. But one expert still has some criticisms.
  • Darren Stanton complains that royals haven’t differentiated themselves enough from celebrities.

In fact, Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (39) are a modelRoyals. I put my trust in Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40) They usually stick to protocol. But for one thing, Cambridge makes an exception: James Bond!

On Tuesday night, William and Kate stole the show at the London premiere of No Time To Die. In a shimmering gold dress, the Duchess stole the “007” actors Daniel Craig (53) the breath. “You just look great,” he said the actor.

Violation of royal protocol. This provides that Royals No a promise May be demoted. But it seems that William and Kate spoke for a long time with the stars and starlets at the premiere.

Celebrity expert Darren Stanton explains, according to the British “Express”: “I broke the usual royal protocol by mixing with the usual celebrities.”

However, the heirs to the throne do not fall into the trap Prinz Charles (72) The Duchess Camila (74). These deliberately not put together with a promise in the spotlight. And herein lies the crucial point, as the expert knows.

How would you rate William and Kate’s breach of protocol?

Unlike the older Royals William and Kate made the impression that they “almost belong to fame”. This seems more than embarrassing!

Prince William and Kate look like celebrities

Body language emphasizes the annoying appearance. This indicates that “the boundary between Royals And he’s closer to a celebrity today than ever before.”

Then Prince William and Duchess Kate made a mistake: The three dads were reportedly holding hands!

Stanton Fires: “I don’t remember anything like that in a 73 year old relationship Prinz Philip and the Queen opinion.”

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