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Prince Nikolai angry: title dispute with the Danish royal family

Nikolai is angry

Address row with the Danish royal family

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II has stripped four of her eight grandchildren of their royal titles. Now the biggest affected is speaking, Prince Nikolai. He is angry at his grandmother’s decision.


Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II rescinds the titles of four grandchildren.

Members of the Danish royal family are on fire: Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (82) stripped four of her eight grandchildren of their titles. It decided that the children of Danish Prince Joachim (53 years old) should only bear the titles of Count or Countess of Monpezate as of January 1, 2023.

Nikolai (23) and Felix (20), who are in a relationship with Joachim’s ex-wife Countess Alexandra (58), as well as Henrik (13) and Athena (10) are affected by his current wife, Princess Mary (46). The eldest son of Prince Joachim, Prince Nikolai, has now broken his silence. He was disappointed, telling Danish “Extrabladet”: “My whole family and I are very sad. We are, my parents said, shocked by this decision and how quickly it is already happening.”