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Prince Harry’s new life in the United States: ‘He’s miles away from what he wanted’ – Royals

Did the dream of a fulfilling life in Hollywood come to an end?

For his family, Prince Harry (37) split from the British royal family and moved to the United States in 2020 with his wife Megan (40) and son Archie (2). His daughter Lilliput (7 months) was born in California. His goal: to escape the Royals’ tight corset. But according to PR consultant Richard Hillgrove, Harry has never been happier in his life in the United States.

“It’s a million miles from what he said he wanted – a personal life,” the PR expert told the British.Express“.

Harry and Megan wanted to find happiness in AmericaPhoto: AFP via Getty Images

Hillcrow has worked with Amber Hert, 35, Rose McQueen, 48, and Vivienne Westwood, 80.

His judgment of the prince seems harsh: “Unfortunately, Harry is like a rabbit in the spotlight and trapped in it. He does not seem to be a happy person. He looks tired.

Harry lives with his family not far from the royal court. But he and Megan do not lead personal lives beyond cameras and TV looks. Oprah’s interview with Harry’s emotional expressions in the documentary series The Me You Can’t See (Apple TV +), Megan’s Appearance in Ellen DeGeneres (63) …

Harry said in 2019 Interview with Tom Bradby (55) in South AfricaHe retires from royal life to stay away from the light. Hilgrove says, “But then in the United States he became this creature who sits on the roof of a bus and sings with James Gordon.”

In February 2021, Harry chatted outside the box in a surprisingly private TV interview with cult moderator James Gordon, 42, for the “Late Late Show”.

“He has importance and power, but if the American puppet masters who run the Harry and Megan show realize that they can not get much out of them, they will walk away, and he will stand aside,” Hilkrow believes. . “I’m so sorry about Harry.”

Addition: The British “Mirror” reports that those who left the royal family “should not be too happy” about the luxury property in Montecito, California. They should already be looking for a new place to stay.

Five acres of land, nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, pool, tennis court, rose gardens: Harry and Megan's house from the wind

Five acres of land, nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, pool, tennis court, rose gardens: Harry and Megan’s house from the windPhoto: Google

His memoirs, which will be released this year, will soon provide information on how the Prince really feels in the United States. Only so much is known about its content: “People should read the first account (…) of my life, it will be accurate and completely honest,” Harry said in a statement in July.

One thing is for sure: Sussex is still looking. In the documentary series The Me You Can See, Harry reveals his whole life: “I always wanted to be natural, only Harry instead of Prince Harry. It was a chaotic life.”