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Prince Harry thinks the Queen needs protection from Prince Andrew

Prince Harry thinks the Queen needs protection from Prince Andrew

Prince Harry appears to want to protect the Queen from his disgraced uncle Prince Andrew. Palace staff assume so.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry impersonates the Queen’s protector after his visit to the United Kingdom.
  • Apparently, the grandson wants to protect his grandmother from the Prince Andrew scandal.

“I want it to be protected and the right people to be around it.” This is a statement by Prince Harry (37) about his grandmother Queen Elizabeth (96) caused a major outcry in the United Kingdom. Many wondered what exactly does the king mean by that? The answer is most likely: Prince Andrew (62)!

According to various reports, at least that’s what Buckingham Palace employees believe. So maybe Harry was angry when he mourned his scandalous uncle at Prince Philip’s memorial I saw His Majesty’s side.

A source told The Mirror: ‘Harry is familiar with the Queen’s aides and there has been absolutely no hostility. So the palace was aware that Charles’s son might have an interview. But no one expects such comments.”

Harry was also said to have hinted that he had concerns about the Queen’s safety. “There is a feeling that this could be related to Andrew. This one is for him Mother We’ve gotten a lot closer in the past few months.”

By the way: Prince Harry himself was not present at the service last month. He cited security concerns as a reason… In the last scandalous interview with “NBC” He did not say if he would come to his grandmother’s platinum anniversary.

It also avoided asking whether Prince William (39) and Prince Charles (73) will be missed. Palace aides reportedly said after the interview that Harry should “think before he opens his mouth”.

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