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Prince Harry takes over as the Queen's private secretary

Prince Harry takes over as the Queen’s private secretary

All hands to cover – if Prince Harry is going after one. It now turns out that the former king had a problem with Queen Elizabeth II’s private secretary.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry and the Queen’s private secretary are in trouble.
  • It is about the unauthorized security of Harry and his family.

The fact that Prince Harry, 37, and the English royals don’t always get along should be known since ‘Megxit’ at the latest.

But now a case has come out before the court, especially Prince Harry and the private secretary of Queen Elizabeth Second. (96) They have their problems.

It must make a bang between Sir Edward Young and Prince Harry – in a negative sense. It is said that there is a “great tension” between them.

Trigger is Prince Harry’s unauthorized security team, Meghan Markle (40) and their children.

Since members of the royal family were part of the responsible committee (which made a decision against Harry’s security at the site), the court’s decision was based on “unfairness”.

This is what Harry’s lawyer, Martyr Fatima, told the Supreme Court.”BBC».

Harry was not told that the palace was involved. “Harry did not know at the time that the royal family was involved,” his lawyer said.

Do you think Prince Harry should let his life rest?

This is where the commission member and private secretary to the Queen, Sir Edward Young, comes in. He is also said to have voted against security for Harry and his family. Although Harry offered to pay the cost himself at the time.

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