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Prince Harry is severely mistreated by the American broadcaster

Prince Harry is severely mistreated by the American broadcaster

Prince Harry complained in a podcast about the first sentence of the Constitution in his approved home country of the USA. Royal infiltrate sits in nettle.

The basics are in brief

  • Prince Harry called the first constitutional law “crazy” in a podcast.
  • But the Queen’s grandson has been hit by a nonsense storm on social media.
  • Presenter Sean Hannity is now adding his own mustard.

In his ancient homeland of Great Britain, Prince Harry (36 years old) has already made a big mistake. Now Royal is inducted into nettle in the United States as well.

On the Chairs Expert podcast, husband Moan Megan Markle (39) About “devouring” the American media. I have a lot to say about the First Amendment. I get it somehow, but it’s crazy! “

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the basic rights of Americans. This includes freedom of religion, Freedom of the press And freedom of expression.

Trump’s friend attacks Prince Harry

The Americans responded with indignation to the attack. They expressed their anger on social media. Now there is also a broadcaster and a well-known “Fox News” friend Donald Trump (74) Sean Hannity (59) Shallow with him.

At the end of the live broadcast, he spoke about the royal leak in unambiguous terms: “Before we go, I have a message for Harry, who attacks one of America’s most sacred rights – freedom of speech. Harry, you don’t have to come from England and give us a lecture on the first sentence of the Constitution!”

Hannity thinks: If Harry doesn’t understand that free speech makes America one of the best countries, he should walk away.

The moderator continued, “This is the same constitutional phrase that made it possible for you and Megan to drag your family through the mud in an Oprah interview. Go home and make up for the damage done to you, kings!

Do you understand Sean Hannity’s anger?

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