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Prince Harry is fighting in court seeking police protection in Britain

Prince Harry is fighting in court seeking police protection in Britain

Prince Harry, 37, wants to appear in court Police protection for his family visiting England try. The British Home Office has previously rejected a proposal to pay for police protection in such cases. His lawyer told a court in London on Friday that it was “impossible” for Prince Harry and his family to return to their homeland because it was too dangerous. Harry challenged the cancellation in court. Parts of the investigation took place behind closed doors.

Prince argues that security personnel who work privately in the United States cannot work the same way in Great Britain and can no longer access the required confidential service information. “Obviously he is interested in seeing his family and friends and supporting the companies he cares about,” Harry’s lawyer said. “And: this is his house and will always be.” A result was not expected on Friday. A Home Office lawyer said Harry’s offer was “inappropriate” because police protection was not for sale and it was up to the relevant authorities to decide who and when would be protected.

Since the departure of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan from the British royal family, the Queen’s grandson has returned to Britain only twice. Funeral of his grandfather Prince PhilipOnce Unveiling of the statue of his mother Princess Diana. According to the PA news agency, the paparazzi are said to have followed him during one of his visits.

However, on both trips, Megan, 40, and son Archie stayed at the family’s new home in California. Daughter of Harry and Megan Lilliput was born last JuneMost of his royal relatives in England have not yet been met.