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Prince Harry is Captain Royal Philip's only memorial

Prince Harry is Captain Royal Philip’s only memorial

Members of the royal family from all over the world travel around the world to attend Prince Philip’s funeral. Only his grandson, Prince Harry, did not consider participation necessary.

The basics in brief

  • Harry skipped the funeral service in honor of his grandfather Philip (99).
  • justify it? In the UK, it lacks police protection.
  • Philip’s former bodyguard describes it as a “pathetic excuse”.

Yesterday was an important day for the British Bluebloods – especially for Queen Elizabeth (95). In Westminster Abbey I found a funeral service In honor of her late husband Prince Philip (99) instead.

the Royal family From all over the world traveled to attend the memorial. And Prince Harry (37)? He shone again in his absence.

More than 1800 attended in service part. Including a total of 27 members from other mansion houses. For example, the kings and queens of Belgium, Spain, Bahrain and Romania – to name a few.

The fact that Philips’ own grandson had skipped the funeral service caused even more whispers. Philip’s former bodyguard, Richard Griffin, also found clear words for it.

Prince Harry was looking for a ‘pathetic excuse’

“All this nonsense about not being able to get protection was a pathetic excuse for me. He should have been here to honor his grandfather,” Griffin said.

Harry justified his absence by the fact that he was in Great Britain No police protection Available.

But was that the only reason? Because in a few weeks the husband will leave Meghan Markle (40) At least for the Netherlands – also alone.

Should Harry have been at a funeral?

Griffin doesn’t buy his logic either. “If he was concerned about safety, he would have been with his brother and brother. the father can stay. They are well protected and it would have been more than safe.”

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