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Prince Harry: His former army chief returns fire

It wasn’t all that dramatic after all! Prince Harry tells in his book about a bad training trip. Now his former army chief is in touch.


The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry reveals the insides in his book.
  • It also talks about army flight simulator.
  • According to his former coach, his memory let him down.

Well, dear Prince Harry — you probably didn’t remember that (again)…

In his hit book, Spear, Harry tells of his time in the army. In particular from a training flight. His former instructor, Major Michael Polley (57), is said to have intentionally grounded his Slingsby T67 Firefly propeller. Brought to have.

On one of our first trips together, Polly threw the plane in one without warning stalematedPrince Harry said.

“I felt the left wing buckle, a sickening feeling. And then, a few seconds later, it felt like decades PoetryHe restored the plane and straightened the wings.

Puff cake! It wasn’t like that at all.

Former Sergeant Major Michael Polley announces this himself. He told the Sunday Mirror: “I’m amazed, even in shock!”

And further: “Although the book completes me, the memory of operations and lessons is imprecise, I fear. It is important to stress that nothing comes as a surprise in the cockpit. Each task is thoroughly discussed beforehand.”

And one more thing is amiss: Paulie says he never met Prince Harry as the royal lieutenant. Wells was called. This is what is stated in Harry’s book.

Have you read Prince Harry’s book “Parts” yet?

“I think the reference to flying missions was dramatic. I think it’s a result of ghost writing. I’ve never seen him as a lieutenant. Called Wells. He was an officer and I called him sir.”

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