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Prince Harry "falls coldly on Prince Charles' back".

Prince Harry “falls coldly on Prince Charles’ back”.

Prince Harry is making Papa Charles look bad again. The rebellious duke does not make himself popular with the British.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry pulls his head from the gallows in the donation scandal.
  • Blames Papa Charles.

Prince Harry cast (37) His father, Prince Charles (72) before the wolves eat?

In 2013, Harry met Mahfouz Merhi Mubarak bin Mahfouz at a bar in London. The Saudi businessman donated the equivalent of 60 thousand Franken For his charity “Sentipal”.

In 2015 he was a husband Meghan Markle (40), however, they cut off all friction with Mahfouz. This is due to his questionable “motives”, such as Advisor writes in a statement. A year later, Charles awarded the billionaire the Order of the British Empire (CBE).

It is said that Charles’ chief adviser Michael Fawcett (58) had promised Mahfouz so. An investigation is currently underway against him. Prinz Charles He shouldn’t have known anything about her.

Who do you believe in the donation scandal?

Britons are angry with Prince Harry

The fact that Prince Harry is trying to pull his head off the gallows upsets the British. Royal expert Peter Hunt says:Prinz Charles Mr. Mahfouz was awarded the 2016 CBE Award. Didn’t Prince Harry tell him about his concerns in 2015? “

Insider Rebecca English also finds difficult words in the Daily Mail for the heir’s youngest son. His sayings that “his” the father Ice cold aft “disappointing, but not surprising.”

The motto should be: “Defend your position by all means, but not at the expense of loved ones.” And that’s exactly what I did 37 years Ignored. He even confirmed that he saw through an early Saudi billionaire – the owner of a Saudi billionaire the father But she did not.

According to the expert, Harry never expressed his concerns to Charles. The 72-year-old didn’t even know his son had met Mahfouz, let alone accepted the money.

Rebecca English: “If Harry was so worried about the Saudi billionaire, he definitely would have the father can warn. And he has 60,000 Franken Already back? “

With a family like this, you don’t need enemies.

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