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Prince Harry and William: New Zoff about a trip to the US?

Prince Harry and William: New Zoff about a trip to the US?

Since the Australian monarchy, Prince Harry and his brother William have not been on good terms with each other. An upcoming trip could cause another stir.

The basics in brief

  • There is still an ice age between Prince Harry and William.
  • Williams and Kate’s trip to the United States could make matters worse.
  • According to a royal expert, reconciliation is a long way off.

Reconciliation soon? Mostly not.

And it’s not just the Atlantic that separates Prince Harry (37) and Brother William (39). NSclear blue flowers There is also thick air. And it could get really claustrophobic next year.

Reason? William and Kate, 39, will travel to the United States in 2022. Because the next Earthshot Prize will be held there. An environmental event initiated by William himself.

Now there is a question, Where the duke couple You will stay overnight for the few days. About Harry and Meghan? Royal expert Jonathan Sacredotti can’t imagine it. Because for this one of the brawlers will have to take the first step.

Will Prince Harry and William reconcile?

Compared to “US Magazine” He explains: “So Prince William And Duchess Kate is invited and refused, it seems frivolous and nasty. And if Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan didn’t invite them, it would seem petty and angry on their part.”

Sacredotti continued, so he couldn’t imagine how it would work. There seems to be no end in sight in Britain’s Royal Zof…

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