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Prince Harry and Meghan arrive at Beckham's son's wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan arrive at Beckham’s son’s wedding

Prince Harry skipped the memorial service for his grandfather, Prince Philip. At the wedding of Beckham’s offspring Brooklyn, King wants to make a show.

The basics in brief

  • As if Queen Elizabeth had nothing to worry about!
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will attend Beckham’s wedding next week.
  • But the two skipped the memorial service for Grandfather Prince Philip.

You couldn’t be more daring!

Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40 left Philip’s memorial service Humming, but dancing now at this year’s celebrity wedding.

The eldest is getting married next week Brooklyn scion Beckham (23) Actress Nicola Peltz (27). football legend David Beckham (46) and his Victoria Beckham (47) They planned a giant oceanfront bash in Palm Beach, Florida.

Also present: Prince Harry and Meghan. The wedding location is just a short ride from her villa in Montecito, California. According to “The Sun,” the renegade dukes couple have been at the top of the guest list since 2020.

David and Victoria are good friends of Sussex and attended their wedding in May 2018. “We love [Prinz Harry] He is a wonderful person (…) ”, for examplefootball table Beckham once upon a time.

Prince Harry skipped Philip’s tribute for security reasons

That Harry and Meghan Are Attending a Celebrity Wedding, Service to Prince Philip (99) But skipping causes red heads to appear.

The redhead officially announced that he could not return to his old homeland, England, for security reasons. Reason: Because he’s no longer an active royal, he doesn’t get that same security As in antiquity.

Harry’s former biographer, Angela Levine, describes his behavior as “pathetic”. “He has changed as much as a person. It is difficult to say whether he even regrets not being there.”

that QueenThe grandchildren don’t feel safe in London, she thinks it’s a cheap excuse. “a lot the Royal family He traveled from abroad, but Harry didn’t feel safe.”

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