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Prince Harry and Meghan are being used by fraudsters in scams

Prince Harry and Meghan are being used by fraudsters in scams

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, scammers want to find new victims to deceive them. They post fake interviews on BBC-branded websites.

The basics in brief

  • Harry and Meghan advertise Bitcoin in fake articles.
  • They are said to have revealed how easily they can make thousands of pounds.
  • The names of Swiss celebrities have also been misused in the past.

With cryptocurrency you can with a lot of luck Make a lot of money very quickly. With this promise, scammers rob innocent citizens over and over again. They like to use it Names of trusted characters.

Like “BBC» Crooks in England now use the names Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40). Rushing to mock interviews Royal dropouts of profitswhich they are supposed to achieve. With bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they should continue to increase their wealth without putting in much effort.

One article says, for example: “People are making millions from home by following Harry and Meghan’s latest advice.” Prince Harry and Meghan shock everyone in the studio when they reveal how they make £128,000 a month. This – spelling errors included – is an example.

to shaded outline Give it more credibility, the reports appear on pages very similar to those of popular news portals. This is how scammers use logos BBCand DailyMail, The Sun, and The Guardian. The simplicity and success of fraud schemes are emphasized by testimonials from alleged users.

Scammers also used Roger Federer

according to the “BBC»The UK Financial Services Authority is investigating fraud. The fake articles appear to be linked to a website in Eastern Europe.

Have you ever run into a scam?

Scam with fake interviews by a promise Not new. Already in Switzerland too Roger Federer or DJ Bobo To advertise questionable BitcoinThe platforms have been misused.

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