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Prince Harry and Megan Markle violate royal privacy

Prince Harry and Megan Markle violate royal privacy

When it comes to their Netflix documentary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t too bad. They even use unauthorized images.


The basics in brief

  • Harry and Meghan don’t do things in half in their Netflix documentary.
  • They chat outside the box, make accusations, and give intimate insights.
  • But the use of the image is now causing fierce criticism.

This also!

Prince Harry (38) and Meghan Markle (41) rock their explosives Netflix-documentary Currently the headlines. However, it is not necessarily positive. The Sussexes also come under a lot of criticism.

latest accusation? It is said that they ignored the privacy of the royal family members!

is in focus Welsh Cottage in Windsor. It shows Prince Harry and Meghan sitting on high chairs and flirting.

It is not clear when exactly the photo was taken. But now the publication is causing great resentment.

Do you watch Harry and Meghan Netflix series?

Because: The Welsh Cottage is a theatre, which Queen Elizabeth The second († 96) on its sixth birthday as a gift.

But you’ve never seen pictures of her. King’s experts doubt thatthat the palace would have allowed it to be used in the documentary.

“It appears that they collected as much material as possible as quickly as possible before the palace put an end to it,” the Daily Mail said.

Will this have repercussions for dissident royals?

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