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Prince Harry and Andrew humiliated in memory of the Queen

Prince Harry and Andrew humiliated in memory of the Queen

Has the Queen finally lost her collar? Several titles and titles for Prince Harry and Andrew have been cancelled.

The basics in brief

  • Bitter humiliation of Prince Harry and Andrew!
  • On the Queen’s Jubilee, they should be denied the honor of the ancient warrior.
  • The two should soon get rid of other royal functions.

Bitter applause for Prince Harry (37) and Prins Andrew (61)! The redhead and his scandalous uncle will probably lose more titles soon. As if that wasn’t enough, call them now Also veteran rating can be denied.

The medals will be distributed on the Queen’s 70th Anniversary (95). They go to the police who fire department, emergency services and blue-blooded people serving in the military.

This included Harry and Andrew until not so long ago. However, they were Titles and sponsorships Now completely withdrawn. In other words, they can knit the medallions into their hair!

According to an insider, the palace now wanted to take another step forward. Dukes should have them soon too Serves as royal advisor to the state Currently loose in office Charles, William, Harry and Andrew.

“This is a real issue that the palace wants to address,” the anonymous source told the newspaper. Because if something happened to the Queen, the two would still be entitled to sign papers on behalf of the King. Buckingham Palace doesn’t want to let it get that far.

Should Harry and Andrew be stripped of all titles?

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