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Prince George and Prince Louis: A body language expert reveals the sad truth

A tragic parallel for Prince William and Prince Harry

Body language expert Jodi James commented to the Daily Mirror about the royal family’s Christmas appearance and taking it above all else The relationship between the three siblings under the magnifying glass. She notices a similarity that couldn’t be sadder given the latest findings, because in her opinion, 9-year-old Prince George A special protective instinct towards his little brother, Prince LouieDeveloped – like Prince William once did to Prince Harry:

William was always in a caring position for Harry then, just as George is for Louis now.

And also: “George has gone from being the kind of shy boy holding his father’s hand to the big brother keeping an eye on four-year-old Louis.” James noticed several cute signs that clearly showed that the 9-year-old heir to the throne was now clearly on the defensive when it came to his little brother. The expert recognizes clear similarities to her father and uncle in the relationship between George and Louis:

According to footage featured in the Netflix Harry documentary featuring young William with Harry, George and Louis seemed like a poignant reflection of what their relationship as siblings was like before they grew up and separated.

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