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Prince George, 7, lives in a family "full of love and affection".

Prince George, 7, lives in a family “full of love and affection”.

Prince George struggled with England at Wembley. His parents reassured him and showed their feelings too. This indicates a working family.

The basics in brief

  • Prince George has always looked forward to being close to his parents at the European Championship finals.
  • Let them be loving and sympathetic.
  • The family is “full of love and affection” and allows for emotions.

There were touching and heartbreaking photos from the Wembley Hall of Honor: Prince George (7) feverish with the England national team In the European Championship final with, cheers, suffer. Always next to him: his parents Kate Middleton (39) and Prince William (39).

But the photos not only prove that Prince George is cute, they also reveal a lot about the Cambridge family.

The seating arrangement has already shown a lot, so an educational expert told “Dailymail”. George sat in the middle. This would make him feel loved and safe.

Both after England’s opening goal and After the bitter end The parents immediately hugged their son. The Duke and Duchess showed emotion during the match. This means that Prince George knows he is his too Don’t hide feelings I must. According to the expert, this is very important for his mental health.

The little prince chanted to the gate the same way he chanted the father: clap his hands excitedly and imitate the future king. According to the expert, children do this only if they see their parents as role models and love them.

The expert saw at WembleyPlayground A family “full of love and affection”. Kate and William are “loving and sensitive parents”, and their children are “the center of their lives”.

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