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Prince Charles writes history, Duchess Camilla steals the show

It was a historic act of dignity. On Tuesday, Prince Charles (73) represented Queen Elizabeth II (96), who has not attended the event for the first time in 59 years, at the opening of Parliament in London. With the so-called “Queen’s Speech,” the Queen’s Speech is traditionally used to read the government’s proclamation. However, the prince did not sit on his mother’s throne, and solemnly placed her crown on it. He took the Prince Consor chair, which is an inch lower. This respectful gesture brought the heir to the throne a lot of sympathy.

It was the first time he attended the appointment without the Queen, who walked away on the advice of her doctors. I followed his performance on TV. So Charles made history that day. But the Heart beat Duchess Camilla (74). While her husband was dressed as an admiral, she looked simple – in a dark blue dress and overcoat with white embroidery. She refrained from wearing the tiara, and instead wore a hat and an elegant pearl necklace. No sign of pomp.