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Prince Charles 'shocked and sad' over criticism of Prince Harry

Prince Charles ‘shocked and sad’ over criticism of Prince Harry

Prince Charles, 73, is said to be “very shocked and sad”. An insider revealed after new negative headlines about the British royal family yesterday. According to an independent investigation, an employee of Charles was said to have received donations from Saudi billionaire Mahfouz Merhi Mubarak bin Mahfouz (51) and given him an honorary title – forbidden in royal circles. But it wasn’t the establishment’s scandal that hurt Prince Charles, who denied knowledge of it.

Instead, his son Prince Harry, 37, reacted to her. And he confirmed in a statement that he had warned of the scandal by stabbing his father in the back. A friend from Charles’ circle sees it the same way, as The Sun quotes: “With his statement, Harry simply brought down his father.” Harry, who has met Ben Mahfouz several times, said he was “worried about the billionaire’s motives” from the start. Implication of statement: Charles was less cautious and not anxious. Not even when Harry warned him.