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Prince Charles "at the end of his rope" because of Prince Harry

Prince Charles “at the end of his rope” because of Prince Harry

Prince Charles is said to be “at the end of his rope” because of Harry. The meeting with the royal family is said to have deepened the gap between him and his father.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry spoke about his family in a TV interview.
  • He praised the Queen, but said nothing good about William and Charles.

Exactly a day ago The Queen’s 96th birthday worried grandson Prince Harry (37) Interview with Eddie.

In an interview with the American morning show “Today”, the royal leaker spoke about his family. Just a few days ago, he and Meghan Markle (40) They visited the Queen.

He was interested in his grandmother 37 years the loudest tones. But as soon as the presenter opens Prince William (39) and Prince Charles (73) came to speak, the mood changed.

Harry remained silent when asked about Prince Charles

When asked if he will miss his family, he replied Prince Harry: «Yes, especially in the last two years – like most people».

employment His brother and his father When asked, he began to wander: “Now I’m here and I’m focusing on the Invictus family and giving them everything I can. (…) That’s my focus here. When I go back to the States, my focus will be on my family, which I miss very much.” Not a word about Charles or William.

Royal expert Robert Jobson (58) explains to GB News that this is particularly bad for Prince Charles. He was with his “nerves at the end”.

The heir to the throne was upset that his son had broken up a personal family reunion on television. “All families have problems, but you don’t talk to your neighbor once you have a meeting.”

Through the new interview Prince Harry the gap between him and him dad Dip again.

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