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Prince Charles and Prince William: a dramatic makeover

Prince Charles and Prince William: a dramatic makeover

Prince Charles, 72, and Prince William, 39, no longer want to let Prince Harry’s attacks sit on them. Now they are drawing conclusions.

Prince Charles and Prince William: A new problem with Harry

New revelation fuels royal crisis: is the whole truth unfolding now? The fronts between Prince Harry, 36, and the royal family have been known to have hardened sharply since meeting the big Oprah Winfrey. The allegations of Meghan (39) and Harry were harsh: racism, emotional coldness, poor upbringing. but the The fight started much earlier Harry has been in trouble for some time, especially with Prince William (39). That’s what author Robert Lacey has now written in his book The Battle of the Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family at Tommolt.

Prince Charles and Prince William: Why did Harry leave?

The two brothers are said to be dating as early as October 2018, about five months after Harry’s wedding have broken. The reason – not really surprising: Megan! It is said that your dealings with the staff at Kensington Palace have totally driven William into a white heat. So one employee after another resigned to Megans.”fear system“Escape. Actress”Complete narcissist and sociopathShe says. No wonder that William “Shocked” He confronted his little brother on a phone call. But Harry is said to have just hung up on the line – an action that had disastrous consequences. “William Harry expelledShe says: He and Megan left Kensington Palace, moved to Windsor – and finally to America.

Prince Charles and Prince William: Trouble with Meghan?

Because it is said that Megan’s bullying attacks were just the tip of the iceberg for William. The 39-year-old suspected that his sister-in-law was “hostility‘Against the monarchy and it may have been suspected that it was him’Take away his beloved brotherHe will return to the United States.

William thought she had a plan, and “agenda” was the word he used for a friend

Lacey writes in his book. The result: the brothers hold out Only the most necessary contact Via text messages. pass! Because soon the princes meet again when a statue is unveiled on 1 July marking the 60th anniversary of Lady Diana (36) in the garden of Kensington Palace. Then all eyes will turn to the two again: are they talking to each other, are there signs of reconciliation, a discussion? At the funeral of Prince Philip (99) in April it looked almost like this. Prince Charles (72) also approached Harry again.

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Prince Charles and Prince William: Attack on Harry and Meghan

But now it is said from the palace circles that the heir to the throne has I’m finally tired. It became clear how angry he was at Harry when he visited a hospital in London. “Why attack people who are trying to take care of you?Asked. It was actually about the attacks on the nurses, but palace insiders interpret his statement as a direct attack on Harry and Meghan. Charles can’t forgive Harry for washing dirty clothes in public.

Prince Charles and Prince William: Serious consequences for Harry

On the other hand, Harry is angry that the royal family has withdrawn all his military titles because of Megxit. It is said from his environment:

This made him very angry. He is very emotional and his military titles were very important to him because he served

This triggered a torrent of accusations and public disclosures. Also the fact that Charles is Sussex close the tapIt made Harry very angry. The 36-year-old complained in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that his father stopped answering his calls. Charles just got tired of it,”Treated like an automated teller machine, now reveals a royal source in the book “The Battle of the Brothers”. The Sussex team sets their next revenge campaign Don’t wait too long