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Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia: sad news

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia: His hairstyle is “ridiculous”

Carl Philip and his wife Sophia have been engaged for years Online safety from children. In the course of this, the two have published “A Handbook for Parents in the Digital Age.” The whole thing is not easy for Sophia:

I am very passionate about this topic. You want to do everything you can to help children and young people Don’t experience anything like that.

Now, however, her son Alexander is himself a victim of online hate. Users pounce on the seven-year-old’s hairstyle long hairwho like to be tied down. While one might think that braids aren’t taboo for men, it appears that an alarming number of people on Instagram are having trouble with them. Intolerant and sometimes derogatory comments pile up under recent contributions to Carl Philip and Sophia’s accounts. For example, the user writes:

Silly hairstyle. He must cut his hair.

Another user commented on Instagram, saying:

Alexander looks like a girl. I hope he is fine.

Oh! Too much fuss about a seven-year-old’s haircut? Another shocking example of hate on the Internet.

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