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Prince Andrew took part in the court case again

Prince Andrew took part in the court case again

It’s the scandal par excellence: Prince Andrew was barely behind the abuse case when he was once again involved in a judicial process.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Andrew is once again involved in a judicial process.
  • He is said to have received more than $1 million from a Turkish businessman.
  • The latter now must be held accountable for fraud in court.

second oldest The son of Queen Elizabeth II According to documents published by British media on Friday, he was said to have received “large sums”. this from before Dish File a lawsuit against a Turkish businessman. We’re talking about over a million pounds.

London-based businessman Salman Turk was accused of fraud before a Dish It must be answered in the British capital. He had been tasked by a Turkish woman, over 70, with transferring her assets abroad. This is because her husband was in prison for political reasons, according to the plaintiff. Al-Turk is said to have spared his extremely wealthy client around £40 million (CHF48.5 million).

Prince Andrew received more than one million Swiss francs

It is also said that over a million pounds went to Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. This came from a report in the Telegraph.

Among other things, on the advice of Turk, she had “Present» Made from 750,000 pounds (910,000 francs) for Andrew. This is in the hope of getting some help getting a British passport. The Telegraph reported that the prince has since paid the money but did not want to comment on the matter.

Do you think Andrew is involved in more illegal activities?

According to the newspaper, at least 225,000 pounds (273,000 francs) also went to Sarah Ferguson. Officially, because she worked as a “brand ambassador” for one of the Turkish companies. Her spokesperson explained that she had not heard of the allegations against the businessman. Prince Andrew and his ex-wife have been repeatedly accused of financial miscalculation.

Prince Andrew only had one in the US in early March Litigation for sexual assault He was 17 years old at the time of the crime. a Federal Court In New York, after compensation was paid, the “Processing Termination Agreement” entered into force. Thus Andrew survived a civil trial with many unpleasant questions.

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