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Prince Andrew is involved in a fraud case

A sexual assault lawsuit between Prince Andrew (62) and Virginia Joffrey (38) was recently settled. A US judge has dismissed the abuse case against Prince Andrew after paying a settlement. Now the king is embroiled in the next scandal – even if Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son (95) has not been charged.

The case is as follows: A Turkish millionaire named Nebahat Esplin has hired London-based businessman Salman Turk to take her fortune abroad. The reason: her husband was in prison for political reasons, she herself fled her homeland for the same reasons. So she must leave to keep her money safe. There is now a large amount of money missing (it is said to be between £40m and £66m). That’s why the case is now ending up in court, because Isbilen wants to get its assets back through a lawsuit. The businessman denies these allegations.