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Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have no money and are buying a house

Because they couldn’t pay for the chalet in Verbier VS

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson real estate scandal

Andrew ex Sarah Ferguson has purchased an expensive townhouse in London. However, she and the Prince still owed a lot of money to some people.

Sarah Ferguson, 62, has been saying for years that she is facing total bankruptcy. However, the Duchess of York just bought a house for six million in a posh London neighborhood. “God knows where the money is coming from,” one insider told the Daily Mail. Now Ferguson and her ex-husband Prince Andrew (62) are once again causing major discussions with the purchase of property.

There’s a “dirty story” behind it, according to French star Isabelle de Rovere, who sold her luxury chalet in Verbier VS to Prince Andrew and his ex-wife in 2014. The couple owes her CHF8.1 million so far. De Rove feels betrayed, she tells the British newspaper. “I am angry because now I know she has spent millions on other properties.” In her eyes, it’s amazing that Ferguson could afford the new home. “I thought they didn’t have a penny.”