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Prince Andrew also wants to accompany Queen Elizabeth on the anniversary

Prince Andrew also wants to accompany Queen Elizabeth on the anniversary

Prince Andrew also wants to accompany his mother in memory of Queen Elizabeth. According to insiders, the fact that public opinion is against him does not bother him.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Andrew wants to attend a horse race and the Queen’s Jubilee Service.
  • Despite the scandals, he wants to continue attending family events.
  • According to insiders, he could not understand the public anger surrounding him.

After a memorial service for Prince Philip (99) about a week ago Prince Andrew (62) has dominated the headlines. The controversial king accompanied him Mother Queen Elizabeth (95) – It makes me very upset From Prince Charles (73) and William (39).

After that, there was hope for that for a little while Prince of scandal It will disappear from public view. But it appears Andrew has other plans: As British insiders have revealed to The Sun, he also wants to play a role in the Queen’s Jubilee. He wants to be present at two events over the weekend in June.

Prince Andrew sees service as a tribute to him MotherWhich is why he wanted to get involved, an insider said. There are family events that he wants to be present at.

Informed sources revealed that Andrew will also accompany her to the horse race that Queen Elizabeth will attend. A 95-year-old woman Because of their limited movement permanent companion. That is why Prince Andrew chose for himself horse racing.

According to insiders, the royal scandal knows that “public opinion is against it.” But this does not bother him. He couldn’t understand the general anger surrounding him.

Prince Andrew has not yet received public attention. Because according to reports Prince Charles They want to take away his brotherOnce he sits on the throne. He and his son Prince It is said that William often met in the family circle used against the controversial prince to have.

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