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Previous "GNTM" model with serious allegation: "People don't know what happened"

Previous “GNTM” model with serious allegation: “People don’t know what happened”

Linda Braunberger had to say goodbye to “GNTM” due to the unfinished filming. Photo: Screenshot / ProSieben

‘Negatively Filmed’: ‘GNTM’ candidate Linda commented on Heidi Klum’s casting show

Linda Braunberger has been interested in the current “GNTM” season Heidi Klum On ProSieben regularly for tension. For example, Heidi shamelessly asked for a cigarette, slowly reacted to the interview training and started a quarrel with her competitor Soleen Omar in the middle of a press conference.. Linda could not get along with the Syrian citizen, and the disagreement between the two candidates continued.

All this did not make the 20-year-old a popular participant in the 16th season which was completely due to Corona Germany It had to be rotated. In Episode 9, Linda was a killer not in comparison to the other “girls”, but rather a shot that she couldn’t take due to fear of heights.

Models are hung on the façade of a tall building on Alexanderplatz in Berlin at 122 meters high. Too much for Linda, who was the only one who failed to cope with the task. Without a picture in her pocket, the trainee had to leave immediately. However, in the end, she whispered to her friend Alex that Solen shouldn’t under any circumstances win – Linda couldn’t resist one last tip against her.

The candidate regrets some of the statements in “GNTM”

On Social media Already criticized by viewers after her TV appearance, meanwhile the resigned woman was forced to open commenting function Instagram Completely disabled. Now she expressed herself in one Interview In “The It-Girl Agents” Youtube And it made a completely different impression of “GNTM”.

In an interview, Linda first explained her reasons for not being able to meet Sullen without the tip: “Sullen and I were clearly not close friends now. In fact I said the sentence because I was in a bad mood because I had to go home. I was sad about the girls and it all got together.” Telling Alex not to win Solin was a skip. Linda added:

In the past, I let Solene win, but: “I treat others more.” In the end, in the interview, she also had an explanation as to why she simply didn’t get along with the woman from Hamburg: “Solin and I are two very strong personalities who do not work together.”

Harmonious Moments are not shown on “GNTM”

It annoyed her, among other things, that Sullen often ran away from her Syria Wire:If you hear the same thing every day, sometimes that’s fine. This isn’t a bad intention, I think her story is really dirty and what she has achieved is really intense. But we never reached a common denominator, we are always infected. “

Especially in the one-on-one interviews within the show, Linda rarely holds back her emotions and opinions. Linda now explains how she assesses her statements in GNTM: “I’ve said a lot of things that I probably didn’t mean. Especially my choice of words – sometimes I just didn’t recognize myself. In my private life at home, I’m a positive person and I find myself only a negative person.” Ultimately, she also blamed editing for the show:

Above all, Linda had to create the extraordinary status she was women Filmed around the clock at Modelloft: “I was nervous and emotional the whole time. Once there was something small, I was really upset. I put this side of myself on for a long time and I think it’s a shame to go through it there. “

This is how Linda deals with hate on social media

Lately, the interview was also revolving around the kind of comments the former “GNTM” candidate received on the internet. Linda had an obsession in this regard early on: “I learned from episode two that I wasn’t going to get a lot of positive feedback. But people don’t even know what happened there, what we lived and what we are when we’re not shown.”

Linda never let hate in the net is as good as it is. While doing so, she kept saying to herself, “These are the only people who know me from TV. I also got a lot of messages that were so extreme, but I don’t take that very seriously.”

After all, Linda’s acting on TV also seems to veer from the image users are now getting of her on YouTube. Several commentators below the video were surprised to see it as being very different: “She looks more elegant. I think she’s actually a really nice, relaxed person and I think it’s a good thing that she reflected on her behavior.”


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