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Presidential candidate in Peru vows to nationalize gas – Brenza Latin

During a tour of the southern Andean region of Buno, adjacent to Bolivia, Mendoza highlighted the experience of the Evo Morales government in regaining sovereignty over natural resources.

Yesterday, the applicant had a virtual conversation with Morales on issues of interest to both countries, in which they highlighted their relationship, and pointed out that foreign companies with gas control in Bolivia are now partners in Bolivia.

At Lake Titicaca, on the floating islands of the Euros tribal population, the left-wing camp candidate for Peru highlighted the value of the tribal population and said they would be promoted in the new constitution he advocates.

He said the new constitution would be “a popular, joint and multinational body” as a result of a process that begins with a referendum to consult the people if they want change.

“It will be a new constitution in which our Aymara, Ketchup, Euros, Shippibo, Ashaninkos will have their own voice, and they will be heard,” he said.

Mendoza also saw a new time coming, in which sovereign people would exercise sovereignty over their territories and resources, and if elected, their first move would be called a constitutional referendum.

Considering the environmental importance of his government project, he also undertook the implementation of the water purification project of Lake Didikaka.

On the other hand, he rejected the attacks of the “ordinary”, i.e. the conservative media and politicians, which he could not propose would create chaos and drive away investments and lead the country to bankruptcy.

“The truth is different, because when a sovereign reclaims theirs, it is for the benefit of our people and their families,” he added.

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