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President Maurice Webber causes a racist scandal!

President Maurice Webber causes a racist scandal!

«No *gere!» Wil-President Maurice Weber used this expression to refer to the black players in Neuchâtel in May this year. Apologies to

The basics in brief

  • Will President Maurice Weber make a racial derailment in Neuchâtel.
  • He insulted the black players in the stands, calling them ‘don’t do it’.
  • It also caused a lot of trouble internally at FC Wil.

It’s May 7, 2021. FC Wil with trainer Alex Fry (42) occurs in Challenge League away against Neuchâtel zamax in a. Will President Maurice Webber (59) excited in the stands. As always with a lot of vibes, that’s what he’s known for.

It was a tough game last season at the Maladeire Stadium: zamax He flips the match in the second half, leading 2-1 for a long time, before Noah Jones of Wheeler netted 2-2 in injury time.

Jones, the dark-skinned American striker, scored so well that he was nominated for the Goal of the Month award.

Noah Jones scored an amazing goal against Xamax in May 2021. This was overshadowed by a racial scandal. – YouTube

Jones is replaced only after 83 minutes. He, too, likely would have noticed on the bench what happened earlier according to several reliable (and independent) sources.

President Will Maurice Webber called the black players on the main stage “N*ger”! Incredible scandal.

Such racist behavior only shakes his head among his own people. Next to the president sits sports director Jan Brettenmoser, who is married to a black football player (the editors’ name is known).

Will apologizes to President Webber for racist behavior

FC Will confirmed to that the players were offended, but not Will’s players. The incident was discussed internally with everyone involved months ago, right after the match, and it was closed.

FC Will wrote: “Unfortunately, our president did not abide by the ethical principles of the club in a match in Neuchâtel. In the emotionality of the game, there was no unbearable interference with a discriminatory background.”

“I apologize in every way for my actions,” President Maurice Webber told I am familiar with my top model with this verbal deviation I didn’t notice.”

players trainer Alex Fry Very upset after the match, they demanded their boss to have an immediate discussion.

According to’s information, Webber later invited the entire Wil team to the four-day Crans Montana VS training camp. Perhaps as compensation for racism deviation I am zamax-Game.

Weber is a member of the Swiss Football League (SFL) Committee.

The last word belongs to FC Wil: “FC Wil 1900 will continue to actively support all efforts to combat discrimination and racism in the future.”

President Webber also knows that he is a role model in these matters. “President Maurice Webber supports these ethical principles of the association 100 percent. For him personally, racism has no place in our society.” The association fully supports its president.

What may Weber colleagues on the panel Swiss Football League (SFL) for its racism deviation to say?

Is such a football head still sustainable?

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