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President Biden still has a lot of hope ahead of the midterm elections

President Biden still has a lot of hope ahead of the midterm elections

Washington.In the run-up to the crucial elections in the fall, US President Joe Biden seems to be bankrolling a message above all else: he is at least trying. On Thursday, he presented another huge aid package to those seeking greater support for Ukraine. He accommodates those who complain that energy costs are rising by tapping into strategic reserves and new licenses to drill for oil and gas on state-owned land. To combat inflation, it tackles disruptions in supply chains in key ports.

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New activities are announced every day by the White House. And Biden has been increasingly crossing the country in hopes of alienating himself from Republicans.

“I’m serious – tell me something that the National Republican Party approves,” the president told a recent meeting of his party’s organization, the Democratic National Committee.

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More than half reject Biden’s government job

However, that does not mean that Biden’s initiative will go well with the Americans. According to a recent Associated Press-NRC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, only 45 per cent are satisfied with him, while 54 per cent do not accept his government job. Compared to the previous month, the values ​​rarely changed. However, Biden is far from the 63 percent approval rate he set a year ago.

He does not seem to have anything. The number of applications for unemployment benefits is at an all-time low, wages are rising in the country, and the economy is experiencing a boom after the epidemic-related downturn. However, at the same time, there are major problems: in some parts of the country, crime has risen significantly, and inflation has been at an all-time high since 1981. For many, the boom feels different.

Democrats in the first primary election in May should also reveal how they feel about Biden’s vision of a central party as opposed to the Republicans. The left wing of Biden’s party has its own candidates.

The Democratic left is fielding its own candidates

In the US state of Ohio, Tim Ryan, who is widely associated with Python, has won a landslide victory over the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat. In Pennsylvania, on the other hand, a close rivalry is expected between moderate Connor Lamp and John Fetterman of the Progressive Democrats. With his travel activities, Biden has been flying the flag in many countries. For the past week he has been in Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oregon and most recently Seattle on Friday.

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But not all Democrats vying for the presidency are interested in the president’s help. Former Texas Gov. Beato O’Rourke has said he is not interested in the campaign trips of national politicians from his party. Representative Wall Demings, who wants to represent Florida in the Senate, expressed reluctance to seek the president’s approval, as did Ryan, Ohio.

Nevertheless, according to government sources, Biden and his deputy, Kamala Harris, plan to be more on the road in the coming weeks than ever before, while also increasing their efforts to raise campaign donations for their own party. However, the main focus of their activities is not expected until the summer and early autumn, when the candidates will be determined and the actual election campaign will begin.

Speaking in Portland, Oregon on Thursday, Biden said he hoped Democrats would win two more Senate seats in November and get a 52-48 majority. Referring to the Republicans, he said the “extreme right” has captured the party. The president stressed that it was no longer “conservative in the traditional sense of conservatism.” “This is evil. This is ugly.”

However, relying solely on warnings and blaming the adversary for the growing problems does not seem to be a promising strategy. In the state of Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe sought last year to turn the referendum on governorship into a kind of referendum for the Republican Party, designed by former President Donald Trump. In the end, he lost – with Biden winning by ten percentage points against Trump in 2020.

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“He’s not a good communicator”

Criticism of Biden is also growing among allies. “He’s not a good communicator,” said Wes Bellamy, founder of Our Black Party, which advocates for African Americans in the country. The President “speaks in a tone that does not really resonate in his basement.” Some others complain that recent initiatives are creating new problems – such as measures to reduce energy prices, which are affecting climate protection goals.

Support for Ukraine: The United States promises more arms supplies

The United States has pledged an additional $ 800 million in weapons to Ukraine.

“His interim protection strategy is very disappointing and it doesn’t work,” says Brett Hartle of the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund. Many Americans, especially young people, who relied on “green” politics to support Biden in the presidential election are now disappointed.

In the eyes of White House spokeswoman Zhen Zaki, it would be helpful to note that Democrats are even more vocal about alternatives to their own politics. “Actually, if you look the other way – they have nothing in the drawer. They have no plans. “